Responsible AI Learning and Library

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Responsible AI is the practice of designing, developing, and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) with good intention to empower employees and businesses, and fairly impact customers and society. Understanding how and why to incorporate Responsible AI in the development process can be a daunting task and we’re here to help.

Our Library and Learn page will introduce you to many Responsible AI topics with evidence-based knowledge that represents the foundation and backbone of our solutions.

Getting Started

Are you ready to become a healthcare fairness hero? Browse our library, read on to learn about fairness-based machine learning, and take the following actions:

Visit responsible_mlops , our open source repository, where you can download our software and fairness framework to begin using fairness and bias mitigation functions in your ML development.

Join our community discussions to provide feedback and suggestions, ask questions, and contribute to the growth of our tools and library. You can also join Equality AI here on Slack.

Read the Equality AI Manifesto and join us on our journey.

Watchour demo! Equality AI in Action

We pledge 1% of our equity and staff time to diversifying tech and leadership representation