Equality AI Studio & EqualityML

Experience the potential of Human and Machine Intelligence with evidence-based fairness practices in MLOps


Equality AI Studio

One platform for all users

Accelerate development

  • Evidence-based guidance for fair machine learning development in a collaborative environment
  • Bias mitigation methods to "repair" datasets
  • Model evaluation and parity adjustment on fairness metrics.
  • 9 fairness metrics and 4 bias mitigation approaches to customize your approach.
  • Low-code team environment to develop and govern fairness and bias mitigation experiments.


  • Share and discover machine learning insights and models for cross-team collaboration.
  • Create notebooks with integrated Equality AI and open-source frameworks and libraries.
  • Review performance metrics and tradeoffs to engage stakeholders in the fairness evaluation and decision-making process with context for all audiences.

Secure and Compliant

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Opensource python packages and Fair ML Learning

Experiment with Fair ML techniques

  • Python packages for fair ML development and experimentation
  • Fair ML learning and guidance
  • Collaboration and contribution to the mission to end algorithmic bias

We pledge 1% of our equity and staff time to diversifying tech and leadership representation